From the Executive Director, Toni Keys

As one of the leading housing authorities in Orange County, New York, Middletown Housing Authority provides quality and affordable housing for many families. Our staff consists of dedicated management and housing professionals. MHA continues to play a vital role in maintaining the stabilization and integrity of our community by building strong public and private partnerships, maintaining a high standard of property maintenance, and assisting low-income families move toward economic self-sufficiency.

In 1954, the MHA was formed to construct and manage affordable housing for Middletown. Soon after, in 1957, 99 units at David Moore Heights were built and completed. By 1962, construction of 100 units at Summitfield Apartments were completed and the apartments occupied. These homes were built in order to provide decent, safe, and sanitary homes for eligible qualified families. MHA is committed to operating in an efficient, ethical, and professional manner.

David Moore Heights and Summitfield Apartments are operated and maintained by a professional management staff employed by the MHA. The MHA Board members are made up of five Middletown citizens, appointed by the Mayor, who serve for five-year terms. MHA is dedicated to serving the community, it's tenants and preserving the sanctity of affordable housing for families for generations to come.

This is a nice place to live, with good people around us, and a reliable roof over my and my kids' heads. The staff here is very helpful when you need them to be. It's just a great place to live.

- E. Merritt

Everything: The apartments, staff, Board Members, counsel, administrators, advocates, maintenance staff... I think Middletown Housing Authority is the very best. I love the way they work overtime and every day, week, month, and year. They are the best. And I have been here for over 30 some years. Thank you for all the years I have been a tenant and no problems yet!

- B. Washington

It is unlike any other housing residence I have seen. The people are family-oriented and look out for each other. Second, the rent is adjusted to your household income. And third, utilities are included which helps tremendously.

- C. Smith