From the Executive Director, Elizabeth Parker

As one of the leading housing authorities in Orange County, New York, Middletown Housing Authority provides quality and affordable housing for many families. Our staff consists of dedicated management and housing professionals. MHA continues to play a vital role in maintaining the health of our community by building strong public and private partnerships, maintaining a high standard of property maintenance, and helping low-income families move toward economic self-sufficiency.

In 1954, the MHA was formed to construct and manage affordable housing for Middletown. Soon after, in 1957, 99 units at David Moore Heights were built and completed. By 1962, construction of 100 units at Summitfield Apartments were completed and the apartments occupied. These homes were built in order to provide decent, safe, and sanitary homes for income qualified families. MHA is committed to operating in an efficient, ethical, and professional manner.

David Moore Heights and Summitfield Apartments are operated and maintained by a professional management staff employed by the MHA. The MHA is made up of five Middletown citizens, appointed by the Mayor, who serve for five-year terms. MHA is dedicated to operate in a business-like manner, for the benefit of the Tenants and the financial supporters.

I like the community setting and friendly neighbors here. Plus the comfortable apartments!

- M. Bernard

This is a nice place to live, with good people around us, and a reliable roof over my and my kids' heads. The staff here is very helpful when you need them to be. It's just a great place to live.

- E. Merritt

I've been living here for years. It's afforable. They keep the grounds nice and clean. They do house inspections to make sure people keep their houses clean. Plus I appreciate stuff like the rent being set based on low-income, everything is included, and the heat is good in the winter.

- C. Burton